Trickle-down Economics
brings Wealth and Prosperity to Americans and
The Free Market
America thanks you, Trickle-down Economics

Trickle-Down Economics

Trickle-down Economics was the brilliant economic policy first introduced by America's #1 and #2 president before The Greatest President Ever, Ronald Reagan. Later presidents (not the liberal Demoncrat ones) like the father of The Greatest President Ever and The Greatest President Ever have used Trickle-down Economics to make America strong. Trickle-down Economics helps ALL Americans by providing lots of jobs.

Here's How Trickle-down Economics Works for YOUEdit

Enjoy capitalism

“American Kid to Poor Kid: Can I haz that?” American Children learn very quickly the importance of trickle-down economics. While the poor still wait for liberal welfare handouts.

Scenario 1: If you're "Rich"Edit

You get lots and lots of tax breaks. You hardly have to pay any taxes at all - in fact, if you have an accountant who isn't a complete idiot, the government may even owe YOU money. Now what are you going to do with all that extra money? Let's face it - you're going to spend it right here in America, because everyone knows, rich people don't like to leave the country - especially with all those terrorists around. So, you buy yourself a new Gulfstream IV jet, (for flying around the USA), and fly around spending all that extra tax-break money right here in the good old USofA. You buy mansions all around the country (because now that you have your own jet, you can live all over the place) and you will need furniture for those mansions, and cars, and gardeners and someone to take care of the pool(s), and you'll need a car at each house, and so on. You will be spending LOTS of money because that's what rich people do with their tax breaks.

Scenario 2: If you're "Poor"Edit

Well, you won't be poor for long, because you have lots of work. There are lots of jobs at the Gulfstream jet factory now, and you can find work constructing mansions, or building furniture for those mansions, or cleaning the pool of those mansions, or mowing the lawn of those mansions (and believe me, some of those lawns are huge). It will be like the horn-of-plenty has spilled all over you. The economy will be just bubbling with lots of new jobs and poor Americans will be well on their way to achieving the American dream (cleaning the pools of rich Americans).

Proof that Trickle-down Economics WorksEdit

People that help America through Trickle-down EconomicsEdit

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