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Pasteurization without Representation
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Food police target organic foods in California!05:19

Food police target organic foods in California!

Freeze, hippies!

Rawesome is an organic co-op grocery in Venice that is run by hippies. They are known for fighting Big Government and Big Corporations. They believe it is their right to eat raw food and get dysentery (aka Freedom Bowels) as it is stated in The Gutstitution.

Rawesome: a Threat to Big Agribusiness?Edit

While does not support nor endorse hippie owned businesses (or anyone who is a threat to Big Corporations), we do support anyone who is willing to humiliate Big Government and restore freedom back to our country.

Plus, organic food is the new rage and people are willing to pay big bucks for it! Thus the free market has spoken.

Fight The PowerEdit

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That puts the dumb in free-dumb.
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~ Stephen Colbert
October 7, 2010

Big Government has recently classified Raw Milk as Weapon of Mass Dysentery and it is considered to be armed and dangerous. Police Officers must be armed at all time and use excessive force if necessary when handling Raw Milk.

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