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Raunch Feminism
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Raunch Feminism
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Raunch Feminism is a sub-movement of Feminism which believes females should be given the freedom to hypersexualize themselves, the sex industry is a legitimate profession, and the traditional relation between modesty and dignity should be abandoned.

It is thus the only form of feminism that Stephen Colbert approves of.

Central tenetsEdit

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Males can be reduced to the role of breeders with the rise of Formula 401!

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Women taking ownership of their bodies means they are their own pornographers and pimps.

  • The objectification of women should not be objectionable so long as men can also be objectified.
  • The worth of a woman should be judged by her earning power and not the class of her profession meaning that a sex worker, who earns more than a businesswoman, should enjoy a higher social status.
  • Each woman should be able to choose whether they want to be modest/asexual or immodest/hypersexual.
  • Girls should be able to wear slutty fashion if they should feel better about themselves as sluts.

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