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Randi Rhodes
Belongs to The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy

Randall Osvaldo Rhodes, Jr.
currently female Communist
28 January, 1959 -
Birthplace China
Religion $cientologist
Education Doctorate of Hating America, University of Beijing
Occupation communist lieing lier
Spouse Amy Goodman
Super Powers can find facts that hurt the truth and America
Fun Fact #1 has not stopped talking since 1973
Fun Fact #2 was in the Air Force before his sex-change operation.
Nickname "Miss"

Randi Rhodes is a radio host from Air America Radio, who is gay and "married" to Amy Goodman from The People's National Radio Co-operative.

He is too afraid to be a guest on "The Colbert Report". He has not given any reason why, but it is assumed he is afraid of being nailed on live TV.

Randall Rhodes FactoidsEdit

  • owns several single-purpose Hummers
    • one for driving from home to work
    • one for driving from work parking lot to buidling
    • one for driving from the front door to the elevator
    • one for driving from elevator to desk
    • one for driving to and from bathroom
  • is fatter than half of Texas, but has photos altered and avoids live TV

Drinking ProblemEdit

Unlike their conservative counterparts, liberal talk radio hosts cannot hold their liquor. Ms. Rhodes face-planted after 14 drinks one autumn afternoon in 2007. Her bosses at Air America Radio tried to blame Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, but everyone knows they can't beat up a girl like Randi.

2008 SuspensionEdit

In 2008, Randall was finally removed from America's air by Larry C. Johnson, a former employee with the CIA, who may have used those contacts to get him off the air.

The details don't matter; Rhodes is now silent and America is better for it. God Bless America!

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