Ramaho College
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Ramaho College
Location: WahWah New Jersey
Type of School: Liberal
Annual Tuition: Got Funding?
Mascot: Roadrunner??? WTF??
School Colors: American's Colors
School Song: Star Spangled Boner
Student Population: Mostly Italian and 1 Puerto Rican
Fun Fact # 1: Most Ramaho Students get Drunk and have wild sex
Fun Fact # 2: Most Ramaho Students would miss class if their grade wouldn't get lowered

Humble RAMAHO was born Edit

Ramaho College of New Jersey AKA "RAMAHO" was erected some time in the 1960s by some tree huggin hippie radicals. They wanted to build a college among the trees and fuzzy animals of the forests. Unfortunately they had to allow students to study there and when you have a bunch of tree huggin hippies running a school full of horny 18, 19, 20 and 30 year olds you can imagine the kind of disaster it caused. The free spirted nature of the hippie founding fathers allowed the Jersey breed to climb their ranks. By the earily late 1970s most of the hippies were overrun by the massive amount of ignorant New Jersey youth. This new breed of beer drinkin, slutty women and horny date-raping man gave rise to the Ramaho College that we all know and love today. The term RAMAHO comes from the Native American Launge meaning, "to sexually bang a willing or drunk individual whos sole purpose is to be banged." So another words come to RAMAHO GET LAID!!! This has been their slogen up until the turn of the century when a new entity came to be at Ramaho College. They have been called many things, "demons" "Devils" "The Sin of Man-Kind" "Ramapopo" but all who go to RCNJ know of them as Campus Security. On that fateful day RCNJ changed forever!!

Social Structure Edit

Vinny T is the man!

Housing Edit

Greek Life Edit

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Campus Food Edit

what SodexHO could do better?

Entering the Porn World Edit