is something Middle-eastern,
which may or may not be very explosive.

Ramadan is a time when terrorists and liberals meld to temporarily create hybrid terrorist/liberal super villians.

Origins of the HolidayEdit

Ramadan is a fairly new "Holiday" in that it was only recently introduced by liberals and terrorists to help combat the growing rise of freedom in the world. It started in the early after World War II. The world has defeated a great threat to freedom, but the terrorists would not be undone so easilly. They allied with the liberals of the world. Not to long after that, they found that by burning american flags, smoking pot, and being gay , all at the same time, they could actually meld into ultra-gay liberal/terrorist hybrids. Since then this ritual is preformed on the begining of the 9th month of every year. The melding lasts for an entire month. It is also better than Halloween, praise be to Allah.

What Time of Year is it CelebratedEdit

Typically during September, the month of hell.

Where is it Celebrated?Edit

It is typically Celebrated in France, where it is an offical holiday.

How is it Celebrated?Edit

Terrorists and Liberals congregate to burn american flags, be gay, smoke pot, research stem cells, make bad imitations of Stephen Colbert, eat health food, conserve gas, hate the baby jesus, read books, kill bald eagles, practice scientology, worship the dixie chicks, dress up like Hitler, speak french, drink fresh baby jesus smoothies, live off welfare, and advocate the murder of the unborn. In doing these acts they are able to meld to form super Terrorist/Liberal hybrids.

How Does Ramadan Hurt The Baby Jesus?Edit

Cowardice suicide attacks increase all through the entire month of Ramadan.

Many Real Americans are killed as a direct result of Ramadan. Not simply by the suicide attacks, some Americans simply drop dead. Now, Doctors will claim that they died from things like heart attacks and cancer, but these deaths....are a direct result of Ramadan, because Jesus said so.

Diaper Rash of the baby jesus is esspecially severe during this month.

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