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Al Franken
Rage against the machine has earned

Look, they think they're sooooooo cool.

Rage Against the Machine is a group of Hate America Firsters musicians who spread their filthy commie agenda through their hippity-hop rap-like rock melodies.


Rage Against the Machine formed when rapper Zach de la Rocha, guitarist Tom Morello, drummer Brad Wilk and bassist Tim Commerford decided that America was filled with too much right wing anger and not enough socialist anger. Since then, Rage Against the Machine has recruited more people to partake in their flag burning, California-loving, and Bush-hating agenda.


Now, I'm not afraid to say that Rage Against the Machine's music 'rocks my socks off', but can that be my fault? Or is it the fault of the brainwashing tones mixed into Rage's songs? I'll let you decide

Raging AgendaEdit

  • Destroy Bush
  • Play Great yet Evil Music


  • The Coachella show was the re-emergence of the homosexual folk rockers (RAGE) returning after a 7 year hiatus.

Rage Against the Machine played at Coachella, an even hippier version of Woodstock, somewhere in California, and suggested that the Great President George Bush be hanged as a war criminal. Naturally, Fox News and their flagship show Hannity and Colmes said the band should be investigated by the FBI.


Rage Against the Machine has been known to protest many concerts and events in extreme hippy-like fashion. In fact, in the year 2000, RATM protested the democratic convention. They recruited thousands of young minded infidels who (unknown to them) would end up religiously wearing tapout/affliction clothing by the year 2006. They overturned cars and pooped on old women. They also protested the 2008 election but these were with the Flobots who are even more gay and are the "Yellowcard" of hip-hop. In a smaller (WAAAAAY SMALLER! HEHEHE!) protest, RATM took to the stage of a festival in 1994 to protest censorship in which they appeared on the stage naked and had their mouths duck taped. They did not even play a song as they stood there on stage for 40 minutes.

The 2000 MTV Video Music AwardsEdit

Just some quick background information before I get into this... Rage Against the Machine has long claimed to worship their god that is in fact Fred Durst of the awesome spiritual power metal band Limp Bizkit.

Now that we have gotten off of that, let me tell you about how the bassist (Tim "Commie" Commerford) of Rage went bananas after Limp Bizkit won their award for best rock song. He jumped into this weird foreign LED screen and started rocking back in forth in praise for Limp Bizkit's long standing positive message. He also applauded their community service. Tim Commerford remained up there for 179 days approximately. He did not eat or sleep for any of those days. He survived only by listening to Limp Bizkit. He was released without incident.

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