makes satanic music
which are lullabies to the Baby Satan

have bad teeth and funny accents because they are British.
Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Radiohead-nejad is a terrorist.

Radiohead is a subversive foreign band dedicated to the downfall of America and the capitalist music industry. They play "music" that is often used by zoologists to inspire the mating of chipmunks and other rodents.

Their name comes from the psychological phenomenon experienced by schizophrenics who experience audible hallucinations.

Origins Edit

Radiohead came from the United Kingdom, which is not quite America but tries.

Attempts to Hurt American Capitalism Edit

1. Radiohead releases In Rainbows, an Internets-based album. At the same time they drop their record label, a good hard working American business. To buy this album, which by the title obvious makes some reference to the gay community, you must use British pounds ( a very heavy, unAmerican type of money). This is obviously a plot to deprive many hardworking American record execs of their jobs. It is also an attempt to turn all the American Dollars into British weights of some sort.

2. Radiohead, in conjunction with China, buys up much of America's debt in a secret plan to convert our hard earned deficit in to something that is expected to be paid.

Secret Mind Experiments Edit

1. Using vast profits gained in Russia and Cuba from their first two albums, which are required Communist listening, Radiohead bought CIA Mind Control Devices©. As of yet, their intentions are unknown.

Bear treaty Edit

Radiohead recently announced their alliance with the Bears and are developing their secret CIA Mind Control Device alongside the bear race. They have recently implemented this device and if you play their discography backwards you will be taken over by the sudden urge to sodomize Jesus.

For all these reasons, Radiohead must be stopped.


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