is righteous and true
God Bless America

RENEW '72 is a group whose mission is to relive the glory days of Republican power in the hopes of righting the wrongs perpetrated upon American capitalism!


Shortly before the magesty of Reaganism, but long after the dark days of The New Deal and the liberals war on Vietnam, there was a time in America's history when she was on the verge of Heavenly grace!

These days were known as the Nixon era, and everything was perfect in America!

Every family had a mommie and a daddy and children were either in school or serving their country!

No period of time reflected the American ideal better until Ronald Reagan was able to defeat The Great Satan, who allowed Iran to take Americans hostage.

RENEW '72 strives to recreate the beloved Nixon era so that young Americans can know first hand why it was such a special time!


"RENEW '72"
is one of's game-like activities
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A mini convention within the 2008 Republican convention to be held in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Area.

Some of the activities for which tickets are still available are:

  • the "I'm With Tricky Photo Stand"
  • the "Tour the Darkened Watergate Hotel"
    • bring your own flashlight, but don't worry about the doors; they're always unlocked!
  • "Shippin' OUT"
    • Get on a real Vietnam-era troop transport and strafe the Democratic Convention.

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