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R. Lee Ermey
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Lee Ermey Full Metal Jacket

R. Lee Ermey or Sgt. Hartman as he prefers to be called, (during his various RP sessions on GaiaOnline and the ilk) was not born, but rather forged. Forged like a fine blade, R Lee. Ermey cast his sharpened skull into the world of acting like a meteor in the carpool lane heading (at a law abiding speed of course) towards Earth (where weaker, lesser countries like Venezuela or Denmark would be assimilated; however America would stay intact, as the tectonic plates upon which our great nation rests are made from the same fine steel as America's own R. Lee Ermey.)

R. Lee Ermey wished it, and so it was. Some have said R. is possession of a djinn, but R. Lee Ermey knows that would be sacrilegious in nature and being a respectable and humble follower of the lord Jesus, he certainly would NOT(!) possess such a thing. It is said that R. Lee Ermey can mold any boy, no matter how effeminate or Liberal, into a rifle-toting killing machine on a war path to Vietnam with an itchy trigger finger to boot.

  • It is a known fact that Tom Cruise is jealous of R. Lee Ermey, not only because of his handsome facial structure and form, but also because Tom would love to drill young men for hours on end.

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