is one of Australia's states.

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The Australian State of QUEENSLAND
Capitol: Yet to be found, although it is suspected that it might be Brisbane.
Official Flower: Plastic
Official Language: Drunken Yobbish
Official Animal: Party
Official Beer: XXXX aka Rat Poison
Motto: I put her in her place, the kitchen!
Nickname: Toad lovers
Governor General: Leather-Face
Official Anthem: We're going home in the back of divy van
Population: 7,234,546
Remaining English Prisoner Population: 12,543
Rabbit, Sheep or Kangaroo Population: Over one billion
Standard MPH: 60ish
Principal imports: Sun-starved tourists
Principal exports: Tourists with skin cancer
Principal industries: Cancer
Fun Fact # 1: Box jellyfish make a nice tart dessert
Fun Fact # 2: Wife-Beater rum can be watered down with premium Petrol

History of QueenslandEdit

Was founded by convicts who over decades morphed into bogans and yobbos. Bogans and yobbos today inhabbit 97% of Queensland and a staggering 99.72% of Northern Queensland.

Queensland TodayEdit

Full of cattle drives and tourists wanting to experience Australia's only theme parks.

Queensland Climate & GeographyEdit

Either hot or humid, both at the same time in some cases too.

Queensland CitiesEdit

Brisbane is known by most of its inhabbitants as "Brisvegas." This is clearly an infringement of copyright and Los Vegas should press charges. Brisbane natives believe that they are far superior to Queenslanders living outside Brisbane.

Queensland LandmarksEdit

  • Big Ben
  • Movie World
  • Wet 'n Wild
  • Dream World
  • Sea World
  • Australia Zoo
  • White Water World (Part of Dream World)
  • The Washington Monument
  • The Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • The Great Wall of China*

*China is short for "BrisChina"

Queensland CultureEdit

None yet detected, except for a tub of yogurt in Queenstown.

Famous People From QueenslandEdit

A Typical Day in QueenslandEdit

Waking up and doing shit all.

Strange Laws Unique To QueenslandEdit

Bestially isn't against the law unless the animal fills in a complaint form within 28 working days.

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