Queen Noor
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

April 7, 2009Edit


  • wants to rid the world of nuculer weapons, switching to space-based death rays
  • he is allowed to shake her hands
  • written 2 books
  • chair of King Hussein
  • trying to make Queen Elizabeth look lazy
  • she is like Stephen in that she
  • may get a cable show
  • Global Zero is not a diet soft drink
    • initiative to rid the world of nuculer weapons
  • nuculer weapons keep up safe
  • cold-war mind-set
  • US can't return ours first
    • we can be trusted we know how bad it is
  • Russia and US have the most nuculer weapons
  • 40 countries has enough to make 100,000 more nuculer weapons
  • she is calling for Israel to bomb Iran
  • she said the Colbert Nation gets it
  • has proven he is a leader
  • mobilized over 230,000 votes
  • asked Dr. Colbert to sign on to the Global Zero initiative
    • she has to knight him first
  • Stephen provided the sword
    • now that she has the sword, he has to sign first
      • proof that she has negotiated before
  • beknighted him, Sir Stephen leader of the Colbert Nation

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