Queen Elizabeth II
has bad teeth and a funny accent because she is British.
Queen Elizabeth II
is too Canadian, speak American, eh.
Queen Lizzy II

The Undisputed Queen of All Things

Queen Elizabeth II (pronounced "Elizabeth 2") is the Queen of the British Empire, which consists mostly of Britain. She is the daughter of Elizabeth the queen mother, and came to power in the 100 Years War fought between Winston Churchill and Kaiser William.

She has fathered dozens of offspring, some of whom are named Charles, Edward, Diana, William, and Philip. Her husband, the King, died during childbirth.

She visited in 2007, a mere 200 years after her first time to the colony. The USA Today showed the list of Great Americans who attended the party.

Only a month after Salman Rushdie appeared on The Colbert Report, he was knighted by the Queen. Stephen Colbert's gut tells him that therefore she watches the show.

Queen Elizabeth in MusicEdit

  • The band started by Freddie Mercury in 1946 named themselves 'Queen' after Her Majesty.
  • The Sex Pistols, an alternative-punk-rock music band, once followed Queen Elizabeth II during a parade while playing "God save The Queen." The Queen later remarked on their touching performance stating, "That was quite a touching performance."
  • Queen Elizabeth II once filled in for Slayer on the 6-string bass.

The Royal iPodEdit

During a visit to London, The Secret Muslim and AfricaPatchRedBlackGreen   M'Schelle   AfricaPatchRedBlackGreen got to meet Her Majesty. Following tradition, Elizabeth gave them a silver-framed photograph of herself with that man who followers around every day. The Obamas, however, broke with protocol and gave the Queen an iPod! was able to find a list of all the songs contained on the tainted device.

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