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Quarter Ponzi With Cheese was a Featured Word on 03/22/2009.
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Quarter Ponzi With Cheese
is a delicious part of the McPonzie's Value Menu™
Quarter Ponzi With Cheese
is part of Wikiality's series on all things Ponzi.
The Ponzibilities are Endless!™
Ponzisize Me

Excessive consumption of Quarter Ponzies with Cheese™ may be hazardous to your economic health.


The Ponzi that Refreshes, for the Ponzi Generation!

Quarter Ponzi With Cheese™

food item

In America, a Quarter Ponzi with Cheese™ consists of a small dollar-value defaulted high-risk mortgage, sandwiched between a pair of crispy debt-swaps, and topped with a government-leveraged consumer loan, a toxic hedge-fund certificate, and a slice of tasty Wisconsin cheddar cheese. The Quarter Ponzi with Cheese™ is normally served with a side of Freedom Fries and a tall, frosty mug of PonziCola.

In Canada, a similar dish is offered. The Canadian dish is called the Ponzi Royale™, as in all metric countries. The Canadians include of a hefty slice of American softwood lumber default in place of the government-leveraged loan. In Quebec, a hearty glop of Poutine is served in place of Freedom Fries. In all parts of Canada, the Ponzi Royale™ is served with a tasty beverage of Canadian draft beer.

Fine Print

The Quarter Ponzi with Cheese is null and void where prohibited by law. McPonzie's™ makes no claims as to the nutritional or fiscal value of the Quarter Ponzi with Cheese™. Prohibited in Utah and North Dakota under state law. PonziCola™ and McPonzie's™ are registered trademarks of Ponzi Light Industries LLC. All rights reserved 2009.

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