Truthiness award3
Truthiness award3

Quantum Truthic Radiation won a 2006 "Truthie"
for Best Series of the Year

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from the Quantum Theory of Truthiness

Quantum Truthic Radiation is the process by which pure truth permeates free space, as truthicules, from the quantum truthic structure of a Super-Truthic system.

The truthiness of each truthicule can be expressed as the product of the truthitude and the truthiosity of the truthicule divided by the Truthistance of the radiating/absorbing structure.

         Truthiness_n = \frac{Truthitude_n \times Truthiosity_s}{Truthistance_s} 

Quantum Truthic Radiation Formula gives the Truthiness of the Truthicules radiating from a given set of quantum truthic structures.

The Truthitude of each Truthicule is given as follows

    Tuthitude_n = \frac{Truthitude_s}{Truthitude_u}  

The Truthiosity of each Truthicule is given as follows

    Tuthiosity_n = \frac{Truthitude_s \times Truthientiousness_s}{Truthitude_u \times \epsilon_0}  

Where  \epsilon_0 is the Permittivity of Free Space(\epsilon_0 \equiv {1\over c^2\mu_0} = 8.8542\times 10^{-12} {\rm\ F} {\rm\ m}^{-1}), Truthitude_u is the concentration of truthiness surrounding the structure, and T is time in secondsFailed to parse (PNG conversion failed; check for correct installation of latex and dvipng (or dvips + gs + convert)):

There for the number of moles of Truthicules radiated in a given amount of time is

          N = \frac{Truthitude_s \times Truthientiousness_s \times T_s}{Truthitude_u \times \epsilon_0}

Which gives us the Truthiness of a radiated Truthicule expressed as a function of the attributes of that structure.

     Truthiness_n = \frac{Truthitude_s^2 \times Truthientiousness_s}{Truthitude_u^2 \times Truthistance_s \times \epsilon_0} 

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