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Puppy is an overused term used by some to describe a newborn to young doG, or sometimes even a fully grown doG. Puppy is used with common words and phrases such as :

  • cute
  • pet
  • how much is that
  • I want a
  • can I have a
  • I have a

Along with many other phrases and uncompleted sentences.

The effects of a puppy Edit



There are many side effects of a puppy, but you couldn't expect there not to be after all they are a smaller version of a dog. Which have been know to calm even the evilest of creature and put them into a caring motherly-like trance.

Regular effects are

  • Making the owner to want to cuddle with it.
  • Making the owner give long belly rubs.
  • Hypnotizing the owner so it won't be mad when it sees its new shoes are all torn up.
  • Convincing the owner to buy it treats even at 3am in the morning.
  • Training the owner to let it out when ever it wants.
  • Some how convincing every one to give it a treat every hour.

Side EffectsEdit

The side effect of a puppy can range anywhere from stained carpets, head aches, pet fur all over, allergies, chewed up shoes, holey socks.

But not to worry for the puppy will soon bring more good then bad, for within this cute little bundle of fur you soon will see your new best friend! Not only will your puppy soon grow into a full fledged doG, but it will also be there with you when you need him or her the most.(even if its to clean up your children's puke.) And the puppy may even bring back the best gift ever, a dead squirrel; for even in its young puppy years the dog is taking its pursuit to world peace in stride.

Friends of A puppy (or Smaller doG) Edit

Puppies have been known to be friends with every holy animal;however on occasion a spawn of the Devil (squirrel,Bears, ext.) have been seen to fall under a puppy's spell and have shown motherly acts upon the puppy, which within a few months ends up killing or badly injuring the devils spawn. Once you befriend a puppy your will be friends for life, even when the puppy has hit his or her eldest age of dogliness.

While walking on the side walk you will not have to fear if your puppy is there; for bears, squirrels, and all of animals of devilish decent will never near you or harm you, for the puppy is a smaller doG sent from the heavens to protect you and this world.

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