If you work hard, you'll get ahead as a

Publishers are the people who run fact sweatshops. They are fact Nazis and cannot be trusted to feed the minds of the American public with truthiness.

While frequently confused with other kinds of sweatshops, fact sweatshops are manned by the ignorant masses and controlled by the aforementioned fact Nazis in an attempt to erase truthiness through their own dark brand of truth.

Who Can Become A Publisher?Edit

Anyone can becoma a Publisher! The first vital step is to sell your soul to Satan at a reasonable price and demand a building from him. Begin to find propoganda that other fact Nazis write and print them into the mass media.

What Education Does A Publisher Need?Edit

To become a publisher, you must first gain legimate credentials as a fact Nazi. College is unnecessary as long as you have a vague idea what you want to print. Hire an editor to do the hard work for you.

What Special Equipment Do Publishers Need?Edit

The most important tool for the publisher is a Microsoft-based computer with which to design and print their material. This equipment will require you to sell your soul to Bill Gates as well.

Where Do Publishers Work?Edit

Publishers work wherever the hell they can, whether this is in a warehouse, an office building, in their apartment, or in an alleyway -- anywhere that they can fit their computer, a printer, and a steady power supply.

How Much Money Do Publishers Make?Edit

Less than they want, unless they are hired by a national newspaper to print more of their "truth."

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