Public School
seeks to indoctrinate America's children
with anti-Christian teaching furthering the dangerous Liberal Agenda.

What do you expect from a public school? A limousine?

Public school is a tool for liberals to poison your children's young, impressionable minds with facts.

How Public Schools Work Their Evil Over America's ChildrenEdit

Public schools are filled with angry, disenfranchised teachers who couldn't do anything else with an English degree; they long ago decided that, if they have to live in crappy studio apartments while eating microwave dinners in their underwear, so will everyone else. They put this sinister plan into action by teaching the children filthy lies they'll never able to use in real life, such as evolution, sex ed, and reading (fortunately, that last one never seems to stick). Worst of all, they ban prayer in the classroom — who could survive adolescence without praying you won't get an erection during a book report?

What Americans Can Do To Stop Public Schools From Their Evil DesignsEdit

Vote Republican. They'll know what to do.

"Public School"
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