Public Library
can be found in any all-American hometown!
Al Franken
Public Library has earned

Our Great Republican leaders have long planned for the resurrection of America from the dark times of liberalism.

Our courts have been receiving the Lord's bounty from His Blessed Institutions, our airwaves have been receiving His Most Blessed Word and best of all, the books of the factonistas have all been stored in one place, for when The Rapture comes.

This place is called a library

Where Libraries Can Be FoundEdit

People Who Work At LibrariesEdit

  • CIA operatives who watch what people read and censor socialist books
  • Liberal, hippy, freedom-hating librarians
  • The occasional milf.

    The Sexy Librarian. God’s most rarest species of Nerd.

What Happens At A LibraryEdit

Libraries were originally designed as a place for homeless people to use the bathroom, however, since the spread of the outdoor fountain, they have primarily become a place for unsatisfied housewives to rent Gray's Anatomyon DVD. You are free to access any type of information you want--unless you are at a public library where the library board has set up computer filters to protect you from yourself. If you are at a school library, parents have stripped the shelves of any books that might be of danger to you. If you are at an academic library you are probably a communist or hippie.

See AlsoEdit

Non-Book TubesEdit

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