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tcncnbduxoflvvebylsi) are members of the world's Second Oldest Profession. The world's Oldest Profession is that of the politician, to whose whims and peccadilloes prostitutes cater.

On his hard-hitting news show The Colbert Report, hard-hitting newsman Stephen Colbert has occassionally taken some hard-hits at the issue of prostitution. In one of the "better known" Colbert Report interviews, Dr. Colbert once forced Florida Congressman Robert Wexler to admit that prostitutes are a fun thing to do.

Prostitutes are especially fun when mixed with cocaine.


Sean Hannity visited the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel in Nevada in Febuary of 2007. He went to "Hannitize" the girls there. Of course, Sean is against prostitution. The fact that he had to interview scantly clad prostitutes right at the beginning of sweeps is just coincidence.

Prostitutes in FilmEdit


Completely accurate Hollywood portrayal of prostitution.

Hollywood has done an excellent job of portraying prostitutes (also known as "hookers," or "hos") in film, showing them to be the glamorous, kind-hearted women they truly are in real life. Additionally, Hollywood has told true stories of prostitutes in such films as Pretty Woman and Nixon.

Prostitutes Come in Many VarietiesEdit

  • Large and Small
  • American and Foreign
  • Smart, Dumb, and Really Dumb
  • Childless and with Baggage
  • Relatively "Sober" and Cracked Out
  • Toothed and Toothless
  • Barely Legal and Jailbait
  • Desperate and Really Desperate

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