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Proof is a deriviative of poof. Wave a magic wand, add the R from tRuthiness, and poof, there you have it, a proof.

An example follows.

Wikiality Truthiness Proof Edit

Since there are so many religious references in the Wikiality internets tube, it must be a blessed holy tube. Not only is Jesus, bless his name, mentioned by name, so are his servants The Right Reverend and Most Holy George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Geraldo, and Dr. Stephen Colbert himself. Since it must be a blessed holy tube, it is. Therefore this holy tube is proven to be the Bible of truthiness. Dispute that, why don't you, all you satanic believers in science.

Now, since we have scholaristically proven beyond doubt that the Wikiality internets tube is both holy and blessed, it obviously follows that there is nothing but literal truthiness in the Wikiality internets tube. Right here, and in many other little pipes in the big tube, the holy tube tells you it contains not only truthiness, but a likeness of Stephen Colbert. Therefore it must be so.

Ipso Gutso Correcto.

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