Prohibition is a term that refers to laws that prohibit the consumption, production, and selling of alcohol. Prohibition represents one of the worst aspects of human nature.

American Prohibition Edit

Alcohol was prohibited in America between 1920 and 1933. This era is commonly referred to as the dark ages of America. The 18th Amendment, a disgrace to the Great American Constitution, made alcohol illegal during this time period.

The 18th Amendment was forged in the minds of progressive liberal feminists. Thankfully the government eventually realized this and repealed the horrid 18th Amendment with the holy 21st Amendment.

The Prohibition is seen as the sole cause of the Great Depression in America. People had no where to drowned their sorrows during Prohibition, thus they held them all inside, leading to nationwide depression.

During the oppressiveness of Prohibition there were still American hero's who refused to submit to this unjust law. Bootleggers like Al Capone, Bugs Moran, and NASCAR drivers continued to manufacture moonshine.

Prohibition is inherently racist against the Irish and other nationalities which genetically require alcohol. Furthermore the 18th Amendment was supported by the KKK.

Christianity and AlcoholEdit

The 18th Amendment and prohibition were started by evil feminists who waged war on men and everything manly (alcohol, guns, etc). These feminists were able to hijack Christianity saying that drinking made baby Jesus sad. In reality Jesus loves alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are divided into three general classes: beers, wines, and spirits. All three classes are acceptable within the Christian tradition. Beer was invented by medieval Christian monks who were doing God's work and improving the world. Wine is Jesus' favorite drink; he often turns water into wine at parties, and has red-wine for blood. And of course spirits are a reference to the Holy Spirit. Anyone who tells you drinking makes baby Jesus sad is a progressive feminist lier!

Many Catholic Saints, such as The Boondock Saints are heavy uses of alcohol and guns. Additional one of the Great Protestant leader Martin Luther's 95 thesis's that everyone agrees on reads: "He who does not love wine, wife, and song will be a fool his whole life long"

Islamic Prohibition Edit

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