Professor Impossible. Impossibly dashing, intelligent, handsome and holding a cup of urine.

Professor Impossible is a character on The Venture Bros. TV cartoon transmission. The company which produces this show has been engaged in copyright dispute with a small organization known as Marvel Comics for years over this character's powers. It is stated in some sort of legal mumbo jumbo that Professor Impossible is exactly like Mr. Fantastic only more realistic.

Realism Edit

Professor Impossible is a man, just like all of us here on this website. He has problems with his wife, Sally Impossible. Sally doesn't understand the joy that a Bunsen Burner and a Nucular Accelerated Reaction can give to a Nerd, and so she tries to escape at every turn. She needs a real man, like me, I could lock her up in my "Little Gitmo" studio, where she could learn to practice the fine arts of barefoot pregnancy and keeping her emotions, dreams and vagina in the kitchen and the bedroom where they belong, mostly the kitchen. Professor Impossible is a nerd and therefore deserves me stealing his woman and leaving a "booger underneath his throne".

Great, But What Does This Have To Do With Stephen Colbert? Edit

Someone, but obviously not Stephen Colbert, is impersonating Stephen as well as using Dr. Colbert's name to refer to himself in the credits. Whoever he is, he's an obvious imposter, seeking to cast doubts in our children's minds.

The Real Stephen Colbert Edit

Stephen Colbert has fought back against this defaming, he's lent his exquisite vocal talents to another show which airs on the same network. His character "Phil Ken Sebben" reflects a better picture of what Colbert and The Nation is all about.

Marvel Comics Edit

Apparantly this "Marvel Comics" produces something called comic books which my research indicates are read by the Nerd Patrol. Although these comic books are mainly illustrations, the word content is high enough to be flagged by The Nation as too wordy.

Copyright Edit

Maybe Marvel Comics will win this suit against those no-talent hacks who produce The Venture Siblings. Maybe then this imposter can finally be brought to justice.

What If It Is In Fact Colbert On The Venture Twins show? Edit

We all know Dr. Colbert is a genius. It's entirely possible that he has infiltrated this Venture Cousins program, and is acting to tear down its wall of youth deceiving imagery. If so, bravo Stephen Colbert, well played Sir.

See AlsoEdit

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