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Colbert eagle sequence
Privateer Colbert
is a red-blooded American Hero!

Privateer Colbert and his First Mate Stewart protecting the parade routes for all Americans!

Privateer Colbert is a quasi-fantasy briefly mentioned by Dr. Colbert on his April 20, 2009 episodeEpisode #543 of his award-winning news program "The Colbert Report."

Inspired by r0N pAuL, Privateer Colbert will use a Letter of Marque to protect America's Planet's oceans from the pirates who plunder booty.



Dr. Colbert describing this most masculine of fantasies.

Armed with a Letter of Marque, Privateer Colbert will:

  • ride the waves with his shirt open to the navel
  • storm pirate ships
  • save a beautiful lady hostage
  • command a crew of ghostly skeletons
  • all while his crab confidant plays songs on seashells

Help r0N pAuL Fight Piracy!Edit

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