It's just the right thing to do to a POW. Take that, you terrorist scumbag! U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

A Prisoner of War (POW) is someone captured as an enemy combatant, usually a terrorist or a commie. POWs have no rights. They should be tortured until America gets what they want out of them, or shipped off to Egypt, Pakistan or one of our fine secret prisons over in the New Europe so that they can get what they want out of them and then tell America. It's like a big game of telephone, only with torture.

List Of Things POW's Do Not HaveEdit

  • POW's do not have kitchen tables, or chairs[1]
  • POW's do not have health coverage[2]
  • POW's do not have long-standing residences to avoid charges of being a carpetbagger[3]
  • POW's do not have the questions for a religious forum ahead of time[4]
  • POW's do not have to respond to accusations about how he they treats any of his their wives[5]
  • POW's do not have one single racist bone in their bodies[6]
  • The right to pass out without orders

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