Prince Hall
is a Recognized Secret Society by the NSA

The g

This is the symbol of the godless conspirators!

Prince Hall is the first nationally, recognized cell of the free masons of America. They are composed primarily from the decendents of former slaves who have a serious attitude problem. They are very cunning similar to the jew. They often make under the table deals involving the sale or trade of their first born sons in exchange for speedy advancement. These people are not very difficult to out smart. Most of them rely on the pack to make decisions for them. Usually this means things like spending large amounts of money on their "WHIP!" They are not hard to recognize. Their unmistakable symbol of a G inside of a ruler can be seen a mile away.

They are basically the Freemason's Black Friend.

History Edit

The old prince hall

This is what a Prince Hall Mason looked like in 1801.

The Prince Hall cult was first formed in the year 1801. When a colored fellow by the name of Prince Hall came from Old America came to New America. He had been a member of the secret society known as the Free Masons. Upon entering the more conservative American jurisdictions he was black listed... no pun intended. Prince decided he would teach the New American blacks the ways of the Free Masons. It did not take long for them to prevert all of his teachings.

How to spot them in your community Edit

When ever you come across these godless humans turn the other way. They care only for themselves and other members of their cult. They are found in large numbers inside organizations such as the army, hip hop music, and the south.
Lil john

This is what a Prince Hall Mason looks like today.

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