Prince Edward Island
is a Canadian Province, eh.
The "Dick" Province of Prince Edward Island
Capitol: tictactown
Official Flower: Shit licker flower
Official Language: english, goat, cow, alpaca.
Official Animal: your mom
Official Beer: moonshine, shrooms
Motto: whoas me i'm so whoa more i'm feelin whoa u say whoa whoas me
Nickname: home of the cave men
Governor General: Ricky Bobby
Official Anthem: Hell's Bell's by: AC/DC
Population: any amount u want
Standard MPH: If your young as fast as u can go, and if ur 25 or older 45 km
Principal imports: condoms, hookers, and criminal mind merchandise
Principal exports: rotted potatoes and senior cows
Principal industries: selling cocaine by the age of 5
Fun Fact # 1: Birthplace of the Mclobster
Fun Fact # 2: prince edward island is the setting for the series of tv shows like dog the bounty hunter and the playboy series

Prince Edward Island HistoryEdit

Canada was formed in Prince Edward Island.

They have lots of potatoes.

Famous People From Prince Edward IslandEdit

Just a Beaver, Lucy Maud Montgomery (author of anne of black and yellow gables)

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