Prime Minister of Australia
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The Prime Minister of Australia is like a President but not as awesome. The current Prime Minister of Australia is a woman, that's right a woman, not a man like normal countries: Miss Julia Gillard is a deliberately barren, unmarried immigrant with red hair (known locally as a "ranga"- short for orangutan). This woman is a self confessed atheist and hates the baby Jesus with a passion. Believe it or not she is shacked up (some would say living in sin) with Tim, her "hairdresser" "boyfriend" (officially known as the "First Bloke") at enormous public expense in the Prime Ministers official residence "The Lodge".

John Laws, recognised by everyone as Australia's greatest ever orator, poet and broadcaster, would quite rightly call Miss Julia Gillard a "Feminazi" - a term he invented, not Rush Limbaugh as wikipedia says. Unlike this woman's male counterparts who have climbed the ladder of success with their natural gifts, intelligence, political savvy and charisma, this woman is just a back stabbing bitch.

Miss Julia Gillard spends most of her time with self confessed gay people. Mostly Tim's "friends" but also: Stalinist Bob Brown, Asian Woman and Lesbian Penny Wong as well as people like Alan Jones and Prof David Flint (who are certainly not a couple of old Queens, just people "like" them). In other words this woman is a Fag Hag. It is like having your country run by Grace from Will and Grace, except she is far more ditzy. This woman is also a calculating and manipulative tool of the union thugs.

This woman and her Socialist Labor Party support Al Qaeda. To join the Socialist Labor Party of Australia you must provide video evidence that you are already a kitten and or puppy killer as well a cannibal.

The Prime Minister's job is to make sure Australia doesn't become a liberal, communist, terrorist-filled asshole of a country, like France. John Howard (PM: 1996 -God knows, it felt like a lifetime) was the greatest Prime Minister ever in this regard. George W Bush gave him the Medal of Freedom and called him a man of steel (most Russians presumed he was the new Stalin). Then Kevin Rudd (PM: 2007-10) ruined all his good work. Which is why even his own political party were forced to replace him with a ranga and a woman to boot.

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John Howard - Australia's greatest Prime Minister

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