Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Pretzel-nejad is a terrorist.
Foods or Beverages


President Bush courageously speaking about his ordeal

Pretzels are an evil terrorist plot to cause our great presidents to choke.

Pretzels in HistoryEdit

  • The assassination of George Washington is believed to have been caused by pretzels.
  • Pretzels have also been associated with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
  • President Ronald Reagan is the only other president to survive a pretzel attack
  • Despite what is thought, pretzels aren't behind the assassination of any of the Kennedies.

Pretzels brush with the greatest president everEdit

George W. Bush was nearly brought down by one, but only by his cunning intellect, quick thinking, and help from great Americans such as Stephen Colbert, and James Baker, was he able to save his own life and walk way with a minor bruise after losing consciousness and falling off his couch.

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