Dr. Noelle Bush wrote a prescription for
"Prescription Psychotropic Medications"

There's plenty more where that came from...

NO!, you are not to take these medicines which so clearly state in their poorly planned advertising campaigns that they can cure you of your insecurities. GreenSpiral You are not to befuddle your hungry brain with drugs which would have it relax by feeding it the proteins or whatever they are that your brain either completely fails to produce or does so in an unhelpful manner. I don't care what that idiot Joss Whedon says. If you do take these medications then you are simply breaking God's will. He built you that way for a reason. Who are you to go against God's own prescription of blurred vision and uncontrolled rage? GreenSpiral You'd best get on the good stick and take some all natural vitamins VIAGRA and or healing hands treatments. GreenSpiral Tom Cruise has it right. Jumper These drug companies although being conciencious contributors to our already wealthy GNP, are part of a liberal conspiracy. They say unto you that their meds can make you socially acceptable. The real truth is that if you are in fact unacceptable, you'd best stay that way, or risk an enraged God. The only medicines these companies produce which is worth it's salt are those lovely erection pills. VIAGRA Who doesn't want to go to a hospital due to a 36 hour erection (priapism)? Hot naughty nurses! PLURAL!! NurseNurse2

If the nurses can't help, the blood must be drawn out with a needle.


  • $cientologists are the only people who know how damaging these drugs are to everyone

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