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Pre-emptive Inaction

Pre-emptive inaction is the non-action not done which prevents nearly inevitable bad things from happening had any action taken place. As such, pre-emptive inaction is the opposite of pre-emptive action, which involves acting even before anything bad will be happening.

There are two flavors of pre-emptive inaction:

Pre-emptive Inaction, the Treasonous KindEdit

Treasonous inaction, also known as "moral cowardice", "saving ourselves", "risk-aversion", and "fear of provoking terrorists", is what liberals do to bring down America and help terrorists win. Treasonous inaction was discovered by Brendan O'Neill in the liberal response to the Iraq War:[1]

"...the real clash is over whether we should have pre-emptive action to keep us safe, as favoured by the pro-war side, or the pre-emptive inaction demanded by the anti-war movement, who judge that not acting at all is the safest route of all."

Pre-emptive Inaction, the Patriotic KindEdit

DramaticQuestionMark Did you know... are trying to steal your freedoms by engaging in environmental activism?

In contrast, patriotic inaction, also known as "God is Still Up There",[2] "engineer[ing] our way forward",[3] "adaptive and resiliency strategies",[4] and "a bottom-up approach",[5] is the brave, moral response a Real American administration shows in the face of so-called "problems" such as school shootings, tobacco smoke, and global warming. In the fearless words of Prins and Rayner,[6]

"Although a bottom-up approach [to stopping global warming] may seem painfully slow and sprawling, it may be the only way to build credible institutions that markets endorse. The agenda for the Bali conference should focus on this and on the scale-up of energy R&D rather than on drafting a 'bigger and better' version of Kyoto."

Unlike treasonous inaction, which is based on evil facts, patriotic inaction is based on infallible truth as dictated to us by Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. Nixo facto, pre-emptive inaction in such issues is the only correct course of (in)action which upholds the values of Freedom, Capitalism, and the American Way; and thus it is our sacred duty, our imperative, to support inaction. Remember: the time for patriotic inaction is now!


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