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Pre-emptive action: Win-Win, Every time.

Pre-emptive action is the type of action taken only by leaders who don't ask for permission, don't admit error, avoids facts, and who don't wait for others and especially don't review the results of polls before doing stuff.

The Greatest President Ever is just such a leader.

Best WayEdit

Pre-emptive action is the best method to start a war. Some may say that pre-emptive action means the same as unprovoked attack but thats just liberal lingo for Hate America First.
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In Iraqi culture, this means "Thank you for our freedom."

It has lead to many great military triumphs such as the glorious victory in Iraq. The great President Bush decided to use pre-emptive action against Iraq in order to save the world from Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction. His efforts were applauded and supported by the rest of the world. The US military fought hard against Saddam Hussein and his Bear Army, in the end America triumphed. After conquering Iraq, America was greeted as liberators. Apparently in Iraqi culture, burning effigees means thank you for our freedom.

Dr. Colbert Supports ItEdit

On his March 18, 2008 episode of The Colbert Report, Dr. Stephen Colbert encouraged Americans to "hit the ecosystem before it hits you"Episode #368

This is proof that God gave America democracy and pre-emptive impunity.

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