Gaut.chris 14:14, October 24, 2009 (UTC)Pre-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder or “Pre TSD” is a very serious psychological disorder. It is similar to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); however the “reliving of traumatic events” or episodes occur before the stressful situation ever takes place (if it does at all). This is what doctors are calling “pre-living stress episodes.”

In the early days of Pre-TSD, it was surrounded in secrecy, as Army doctors refused to diagnosis this depilating disease because most victims didn’t join the US armed forces (although they do constantly think about it). As these sick people looked for ways to bring attention to their cause, they found a champion in singer/songwriter Kenny Loggins. The symptoms Mr. Loggins bravely depicted in his video “the danger zone” are universal in all sufferers. This is how the psychological disorder came to be known as Kenny Loggins syndrome in the 1980's. When victims start to think about how dangerous it is to fly fighter jets high up in the air, and they notice their bedroom fan spinning, this is what doctors are now calling the “trigger” or “the danger zone.”

Most individuals cope with these terrifying symptoms though bravery they have yet to achieve through valure in battle.

Some people with Pre-TSD are called “nationalistic” and “bombastic.” This is because most of these sick individuals find work in delivering news or commenting on it through television and radio. Critics say that these Television and Radio Producers are exploiting these helpless victims of Pre-TSD. But exploited or not, we must never forget those who suffer with Pre-TSD as they are the real heros, and one day they believe they will prove it.

Please see the video below for shocking footage of this crippling disease (Warning not suitable for those unprepared to view a man in his bedroom going through his "danger zone").

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