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A typical Silicon Valley Meal: A potatoe (left) served with an electronic mouse.

A potatoe is an American food item. Potatoes are types of tubers which can be grown only in Idaho. Generally a potatoe is the size of a Microsoft Scroll Mouse, but can grow as large as a Logitech Cordless Trackball. 99.8% of potatoes are used to make Freedom fries.

Correct Spelling

In 1992 then Vice President Dan Quayle participated in a world class spelling bee. In the final round of the bee Quayle faced off against the paper clip from The Microsoft Office Suite, Akeelah, and Mathologist al-Khwarizmi. He won by correctly changing the primitive spelling of potato to the modern-day spelling, potatoe. Since both al-Khwarizmi and the paper clip were Cuban born, the bee was viewed as the greatest victory against communism since the Bay of Pigs and was lauded as the greatest act of the Quayle vice-presidency.


  • Irish people love potatoes.
  • Bill Kristol was Quayle's Chief of Staff and often referred to as 'Quayle's Brain'

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