The Baby Jesus isn't afraid of
He's just a false god
and The Baby Jesus' Daddy can kick his ass!

The Mighty god of the Seas Poseidon…
Thank God I am a Christian!

Poseidon is the god of the Seas and Gay Sailors... or at least burly men wearing sailor moon outfits. We recommend that if you see the god of the seas to stay far away from him!

The Gay Life on the SeaEdit

Poseidon Founds The US Navy to Turn us Gay!Edit


These Sailors are under the Command of Proseidon and they serve under his "pleasure"

Olympian Gods Expels PoseidonEdit

By popular demand the gods were forced to expel Poseidon... for being "eccentric" if you will... he was an eye-cancer eye-sore to Greek society and the Pantheon of Olympian gods (he was "way too gay of a flame homo" for them, even for their gay standards of gayness).

Poseidon was replaced by the Roman goddess of the Sea Sailor Neptune, she is a way better good looking eye-candy!

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