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In the coldness of space, friendship is the warmest starsuit.

Porpy is Tek Jansen's nutty, zany sidekick. He is a space porpoise, and his wacky adventures together with Tek are guaranteed to give you a smile. Porpy often saves Tek from certain doom by accidentally disengaging giant robo-space claws and boron-fused laser cannons. Sometimes he gets into trouble which leads to hilarious hijinks and madcap spaceventures.


What kind of trouble will Porpy get into next?


  • Porpy loves space mackerel, so he's always looking for the kitchen - even on haunted space stations.
  • Porpy and Tek both speak Porpish, a language consisting of clicks and whistles.
  • Porpy is NOT a dolphin, and if you say he is, he'll will come to your house and *bleep*ing kill you.


  • Remember that episode on Regsetia 6? With the disruptor array? That's still one of the funniest moments in animation history.
  • He'll give you a smile. GUARANTEED![1]

  1. The Porpy Smile Guarantee excludes people who can't smile because of birth defect, physical handicap, or miserable personality. and Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. shall not be liable for any damages resulted from smiling at Porpy. Side effects of smiling at Porpy side may include but not be limited to weight gain, loss of libido, nausea, and pathological gambling. Please consult your doctor before smiling at Porpy. Offer excludes California and Idaho.

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