Pornography (aka Porno, Porn, Pr0n, etc.) is a nasty, filthy, dirty, shameful, big business around the world. It consists of anything and everyting from nasty filthy films, videos, books, photos, drawings, sketches, flip books, paintings, sculpture, performance art, plays, operas, websites, or language that Liberals, Terrorists and Democrats watch and sometimes engage in. You know it when you see a liberal doing the nasty.

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Republicans (and other Real Americans) do not watch such as it is very upsetting to the Baby Jesus and makes him cry.

Porn is also a very sick and disgusting thing to watch, be in or merely like! It's sick full of rape, incest and pure disguistality. If you have ever seen porn you have to agree with me, that it is just women and men having sex and making fake noises to make the watcher enjoy it. I know this because when I watched one the penis fell out of the woman but she carried on moaning as normal and as if the male was carrying on, this proves that not only is that it is fake and she is probably hating what is happening to her is also that she is given drugs and alchol to numb the feeling down there so she feels nothing of what is happening to here meaning, again, SHE DOESNT LIKE IT AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU! Porn is a very sick industry that needs to be banned. If you watch porn and you want to stop you can! 3 great people helped me, they don't want me to mention then, I didn't know them at first but they knew me because they knew what was going to happen to me and they knew they could help. You may be thinking that I'm mad but search through your mind and connect with them and you will be helped too.




European Porn

Porn was imported from Europe in 1959 by the Kennedy family to indulge in with oils and drugs and to help as propaganda for the Democratic cause. Republicans have been fighting it like holy warriors ever since.

The InternetEdit

Porn Site Strip Club

Porn Site Strip Club

Internet Porn

The Internet is for porn! The Internet is for porn!!! Why you think the net was born?



Typical liberal porn, censored for the children

  • No one likes to look at Jenna Haze (especially good Americans) and she is not hot but is a sinner.
  • "The Great Porn Book" is passed from top Dem to top Dem.
  • Porn is not truthiness because it does not feel right.

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Hawt TubesEdit

makes The Baby Jesus sad.
Does your mother know you read these filthy liberal myths?
when you touch yourself you make The Baby Jesus sad!
Keep your hands where we can see them!

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