AMERICAN NO-BRAINER: Truthiness, Justicity, and the Colbertarian Way

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The Colbert Report is no longer with us…leaving a gaping, bleeding hole in our collective American psyche. There will be no more Tip-of-the-Hat/Wag-of-the-Finger, no more Threatdown, no more Who’s Honoring Me Now? Or is there some sort of honoring going on for The Reverend Sir Doctor Stephen Tyrone Mos Def Colbert DFA?

American No-Brainer is a survival guide for the remnants of The Colbert Nation…a tool box for those current and future one-percenters who want to spread the WØRD of Colbertarianism…a handbook for the Truthiness warriors in the growing struggle between good and evil, i.e., between POPICOC and the insidious Coal Bear Society. (If you don’t know what we’re talking about…well, these aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along!)

Author Bickerstaff (what good are pseudonyms if you can’t re-purpose them?) ferrets out and exposes the Coal Bear Society conspiracy to marginalize and deconstruct The Colbert and his Comedy Central bully pulpit. He then details the plan to carry on the legacy of the man who won television through the formation of People Organized to Promote and Implement Colbertarian Operating Corollaries.

This publication is available from (print @ $11.99 and Kindle @ $5.99). To ask questions, express concerns, or register complaints, please contact

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