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Popcorn is a delicous treat that is usually followed by its own weight in butter. Everyone likes popcorn. If you don't, you've either never tried it, or are a bear. Popcorn is great for baseball games, football games, basketball games, soccer games, and hockey games, otherwise known as sports.

Popcorn is also eaten with caramel on it. It is especially delicous, but not to be confused with regular corn or creamed corn with caramel, which is especially not delicious. America used popcorn to feed our troops when we destroyed terrorists before they were reborn by the bears. Popcorn should be eaten at least once an hour.

Popcorn comes in various brands and types, but ones that have caramel, fake butter, and then are drizzled with real butter and salt are the best. Popcorn by itself is said to be healthy, but this is untested since no one has ever eaten popcorn without loading it with butter or caramel.

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