This article contains information about an upcoming or ongoing Catastrophuck in the United States.
Content may change dramatically as the debacle unfolds.
is part of Wikiality's series on all things Ponzi.
The Ponzibilities are Endless!™



  1. The public frenzy to cash in on Ponzi practices.
  2. The wide availability of Ponzi at low-low discount prices.
  3. The great annual finance festival of the same name, held on Wall Street at the end of each fiscal year, when the financial workers receive their bonuses. The festival culminates in a mass migration by corporate jet to Rodeo Drive in LA, where the brokers indulge in all manner of immoral activities. See also Economic Stimulus. The 2009 Ponzipalooza was cancelled due to lack of bonuses, bankruptcy, insolvency, and jail terms.

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