PonziPro Pocket Fisherman was a Word of the day on July 2, 2009.
PonziPro Pocket Fisherman
is part of Wikiality's series on all things Ponzi.
The Ponzibilities are Endless!™
PonziPro Pocket Fisherman

Alan loves his PonziPro Pocket Fisherman!

The PonziPro Pocket Fisherman™ is a handy gadget that allows owners to stealthily fish the money out of other people's pockets.

The PonziPro Pocket Fisherman™ offered by PMAC as a premium for donations over $10,000 are home-versions of the same tool that has become so popular with Wall Street Brokers, the Pentagon, the President, the Auto Industry, and Corporate Executives the world over! Sign up to become a PonziPro Pocket Fisherman™ distributor today - we promise it isn't a Ponzi Scheme!

With your very own PonziPro Pocket Fisherman™, you too can fish the deep pockets of your friends and neighbors!

What are you waiting for? Get your PonziPro Pocket Fisherman™ today, and start finding your money!

The Fine Print

This is the fine print: PonziPro Pocket Fisherman™ is a registered trademark of Ponzi Light Industries LLC. All rights reserved 2009. We're not responsible for any use you may choose to put to your PonziPro Pocket Fisherman™ so don't sue us! Go sue somebody else - try Sony and their affiliates, or maybe Ford. We guarantee nothing! Void where prohibited by law. The PonziPro Pocket Fisherman™ is not available in Utah. Some restrictions apply.

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