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Full Name PonziCola Beverages
Current Ownership Ponzi Light Industries LLC
Founded 1890
Slogan The Ponzi That Refreshes, for the Ponzi Generation!
Headquarters Atlanta, GA
Industry Carbonated High-Fructose Corn Syrup
Fun Fract: PonziCola is Quentin Tarantino's favorite tasty beverage.

PonziCola is a carbonated beverage based on secret ingredients. Recent reverse-engineering tests have revealed that it is at least 25% distilled and concentrated debt deception derived from Government sources.

A number of different flavours of PonziCola are available, depending on which US State the consumer is drinking in. For example, North Dakota only offers PonziFree, a clear, low-calorie version that is reportedly brewed from the dregs of clean living and delicately flavoured with "paid in cash" receipts.

McPonzie's PartnershipEdit

PonziCola is part of the Ponzi Light Industries family of companies, and due to contractual obligations it is the only drink available at McPonzie's restaurants worldwide. A tall, frosty mug of PonziCola is the ideal accompaniment of the famous Quarter Ponzi With Cheese.

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