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The Political Compass is a dart board in which you invite your friends over to throw a dart at it. The objective is to plant the dart right in the middle where the word "Republican" stand. If your friends miss, you get to mock them with the word they hit until the next time you play. Remember, don't miss.

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Sample Board Edit

The Holy Republic Edit


The Truthiness Political Compass

The Four Unholy Corners Edit

  • Godless Bears - if you hit this, it is really bad. Fascism and Nazism are fake ideology created by Bears to further their agenda.
  • Terrorism - if you hit this, it is really bad. Ori, the false-god, is said to be giving fake visions and fake miracles to some fake prophets to lure in new terrorist. The Cylons is also providing weapons to the terrorist in order to bring down all human government.
  • Terraism - if you hit this, it is really bad. Humans first, not the earth. Terraist uses images of fertility to seduce men into supporting Terra, the Gaia-Goddess.
  • Invisible Hand - if you hit this, it is really bad. The Feregi-controlled M$ Corporation will efficiently create more and more technology in order to turn humans into cyborgs for the Borg.

Top to Bottom Edit

Top-Right to Bottom-Left Edit

Bottom-Right to Top-Left Edit

  • Multinational Corporatism & Corporatism - if you hit this, it is good. Corporation first, not nation.
  • Free Trade - if you hit this, it is bad. Trade with frenemy
  • Capitalism & Trumpism - if you hit this, you like money.
  • Reaganomics - if you this, it is good. Reagan was the 2nd greatest president ever.
  • Fiscal Conservatism - if you hit this, it is good. Promote business. Business=money. Money=good. Therefore, business=good.
  • Protectionism - if you hit this, it is good. Protect American company
  • Compassionate Conservatism - if you hit this, it is good. Change welfare to workfare, giving single-mother two minimum wage job to help her off her feet.
  • Labor - if you hit this, it is bad.
  • Socialism - if you hit this, it is good. Pro communist.
  • Communism - if you hit this, it is good. You like equality.
  • Fascism - if you hit this, it is bad. You hate freedom. Nazi.

Comparisons with the Nolan Chart Edit

The Political Compass can be compared and contrasted to the Nolan Chart, which is generally preferred by libertarians. Some differences between the two include these:

  • On the Political Compass, the bullseye is located in the center ("Republican"); on the Nolan Chart, the bullseye is at the top right hand corner ("We Are Here").
  • The Political Compass encourages one to mock those who fail to hit the bullseye, while the Nolan Chart encourages one to praise those who succeed in hitting the bullseye.
  • The correct use of the Nolan Chart requires that one take the Nolan Quiz and submit the quiz answers to a libertarian soothsayer for interpretation; no such procedure is necessary for the Political Compass. Defenders of the procedure claim that it produces better results.

In summary, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and as Rumsfeld taught us, there are known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns.

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