Pocket Stephen Colbert
is a proud member
of Stephen Colbert's family!

The Pocket Stephen Colbert or Poke-Colbert is the Stephen Colbert of the Pocket Universe.

Appearance Edit

Pocket Stephen Colbert appeared on The Colbert Report on 15th Oct 2007 when the Pocket Master, Dennis Kucinich, emptied his pockets in response to Stephen Colbert's challenge. The exact manner in which Poke-Colbert made his inter-dimensional travel to our universe is not yet known at the writing of this article, but it is believed that Kucinich has facilitated the travel.

Life Edit

Pocket Stephen Colbert is a performer and is possibly under the employ of Dennis Kucinich during his song and dance session in support of the Kucinich's campaign. Currently, Poke-Colbert lives in Kucinish's pocket and eats the green tea and sugar that Kucinich keeps in full supply.

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