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As of this posting, there are 3 versions of the playstation:

Playstation, The BeginningEdit

Playstation was the first console to use discs for games. These dics were black on the bottom and Playstattion was dubbed "The Rascist Console". This was interupted by an outcry of different races who claimed they would preferred colored as they did not want to be associated with the console. The argument was over the consoles disc color rather than actual rascism though. As the argument took place mainly in America there was probably a lawsuit that nobody cared about but ended up with soem ridiculous amount of money being paid out.

You could play Spyro on Playstation. And then they made the PS2.

Playstation 2Edit

The Playstation 2 (or PS2 as many call) is a sophisticated electronic toy designed to keep children and child-like adults entertained.


PS2 has a very hazy past that begins with the PS1 (playstation 1). The PS1 was originally a joint project between Nintendo, Sony and Satan. They were trying to create the most evil system ever and things were going well until Nintendo and the Devil decided to leave Sony and try to make there own evil system but only created evil controllers (N64 controllers, W shaped devils).

Sony was now left with most of a system. However it still lacked a name. Sony thought long and hard about what they were going to name it (about 2.2 seconds) then named it the Playstation because it was a station that you played with. The PS1 sucked some serious ass when it hit the market so five years later sony was fed up with making no money off the evil system so they decided to make it more evil or seemingly so.

They took old PS1s and painted them black and peeled off the Playstation stickers and slapped some PS2 stickers on it. This increased sales ten fold, putting Sony back in the middle.

Playstation 3Edit

The PS3. The PS3 was a cooperative effort by the people at Playstation and a newly acquired party, Xenu. The console was designed as a supplement to the communist agenda. With it's enormous price, overhyped performace, and widespread unpopularity with Republicans, babies, and Jesus Christ, it was a clearly Communist effort. If you look closely, you can clearly pick out the Hammer and Sickle in the PS3 logo.

The PS3's main competition is Wii and Xbox 360. The Wii generally takes in massive sales due to it's homosexual subliminal advertising ("When I say 'Wii' you say 'Penis'") while the Xbox 360 planned it's sales outline around the PS3. It is as follows:

1. Make Xbox 360

2. Wait for PS3 to suck major giant monster donkey cock.

3. Sell consoles

The PS3 is only available in black, thus reclaiming it's title as the Rascist Console.

It's primary selling feature is it's ability to stand vertically.

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