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Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Pizzly-nejad is a terrorist.
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Pizzlies are the ultimate machine in terms of mauling power. They are what you get when you cross two godless killing machines that are after your children, not to mention your honey.

Pizzlies are clumsy and need to be owned at all times.

A Pizzly is a cross between a polar bear and a grizzly bear. They are also known as polar grizzlies. Stephen Colbert coined the term pizzly on his show The Colbert Report. This pinnacle of potential destruction was theorized to exist until one was spotted in the wild in 2006. This event put fear into all sane people (not liberals or penguins seeing as penguins are able to kill pizzlies with ease using their pen-fu(penguin kungfu)) as it is predicted that such a bear will lead the Bear uprising of 2012.

Note: the pizzly of myth is thought not the bear purported to take office in 2012 because that pizzly was shot on sight. This leads to wild speculation as the pizzly in the prediction is said to be the first of its kind. One could speculate that the bear's godless carcass will be reanimated by Satan him(or her, most likely her)self under the guise of a great evil that walks among us. Be afraid America, be very afraid!!

Pizzly Bear FactoidsEdit

  • As it becomes an adult, it can be as tall as 7', weigh 500lbs (and be 6" long).
  • They seem to act more like polar bears than Grizzly bears
  • They are fertile, unlike other hybrids
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