Al Franken
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has earned

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is a Liberal (Communist) rag, that serves Western Pennsylvania. Avoid this excuse for a newspaper, because it only prints Communist propaganda.

Pittsburgh used to have two newspapers! The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was the morning paper (which I delivered), the Pittsburgh Press was the afternoon paper (some home-schooled kid got to deliver this, and it struck me as some kind of damned racket that this kid was getting to miss school and make money while I had to bust my hump getting up early and fold a bunch of papers, deliver them, go to school, and then on my walk home from school I see this smirking jerk leisurely finishing up his deliveries! But I digress) So anyway although there were two newspapers, they operated jointly using the same facilities. This led to great hilarity when in 1992, commie pinko workers for both the Press and Post-Gazette went on strike. This led to three events. 1) By the time the strike ended the owners of the Press had sold to the owners of the Post-Gazette, thus leaving that homeschooled nogoodnik kid out of a job (ha-ha!) 2) During this time period the Greensburg based Tribune Review (aka Trib) owned by Real American Andrew Mellon Scaife entered the Pittsburgh Market as a proud Scab newspaper, which even to this day is bought by people who are busy being Real Americans or cannot resist the Trib because "It's just so damned cheap!" 3) For the period of the strike local TV news took over the role of the obituaries normally published by running the "Death Notices". This was a cause of much levity in households with immature children.

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