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Pig Book
is part of the United States Federal Government.
Don't ask; asking only helps the terrorists.

The Pig Book is a publication released every year that shows how much of American taxpayer's monies are being spent by America's wasteful federal government.

Americans can open the Pig Book to any page and see how much money they could be saving and how much money they could be spending for their own projects.

Comparison Between How Tax Payers' Money Should Be Spent & Wasteful PorkEdit

Projects That Should Be Funded With Tax Payers' Hard-Earned Money Wasteful Pork Projects Found In The Pig Book
defeating terrorists Antiballistic Windshield Armor (Research, Development, Test and Evaluation - Army)CAGW
looking for communists National Center for Critical Information Processing and Storage (CIO)CAGW
protecting the homeland National Institute for Hometown Security, Community-Based Infrastructure Protection Solutions (Science and Technology Research, Development, Acquisition, and Operations)CAGW
helping groups help Americans Luna County for renovations to an unused school to house Victory Outreach Residential Services, a faith-based residential drug treatment program (Economic Development Initiative)CAGW
fixing potholes Detroit Science Center, Detroit for construction of the Roads, Bridges and Tunnels Gallery (Economic Development Initiative)CAGW
saving America's economy Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital, Preventing and Addressing Domestic Violence Program, Downer's Grove (Byrne Discretionary Grants)CAGW

Pork Projects & How Much They're Costing The American Tax PayerEdit

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