A godless killing machine on the hunt for human flesh

Picnic Baskets are the motives for a godless killing machine's declaration of war against the humans. When bears attack, this is the first thing they go after. But of course, this is AFTER they eat your brains and carcass.

A bears aggresivness ignites after the sight of a picnic basket, due to the light colored wood weaved together. The simple pattern of the picnic basket is too complex for a bear, and they instantly assume it has honey and other delicious morsels inside.

Physical Appearence Edit

A brown box with flaps on top to open and close it. That's it.

Dangers of Holding a Picnic Basket Edit

Holding or being around a picnic basket is the most dangerous thing an American can do. Upon sight, the bears will instantly attack a person who has a picnic basket. Usually a bear will make your death quick and painless, but if you are in possession of a picnic basket, a bear will show its true colors, becoming a remorseless killer.

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