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A "pickpocket" is a term for a thief who is particularly adept or skillful at removing items from a person's bodily possession without the person realizing that he or she has been robbed. The items thus removed do not necessarily have to be taken from a person's pocket. Some particularly skillful "pickpockets" are able to "lift" (as the kids on the street say) items as obvious as jewelry or watches without the victim even noticing.

Average LootEdit


Who Can Become a PickpocketEdit


Lawrence "Butterfingers",
one of our youngest Pickpocket

There used to be an age limit for pickpocket recruitment and apprenticeship (15 and under) but the market has dried up now that youngsters would rather be drug paddlers or rappers. So there is no age limit or gender, this new generation will never understand the art of pickpocketing.

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Fun FractEdit

There are no pickpockets in Albania.

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